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Face Cloth

4-Layer Organic Muslin Face Cloth
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We have collaborated with BABU, a local and sustainable business that we admire, to create a collection of four-layered organic muslin facecloths. These facecloths are perfect to use with our cleansing balms. They're made with GOTS-certified cotton purchased from a small Indian business cooperative that supports its local community, and manufactured in a solar-powered, carbon-neutral factory where all staff are freely employed and paid above the living wage.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
How To Use

After massaging your chosen cleansing balm into your face, run your cloth under warm water and then wring it out. Hold the cloth to your face and pause for two deep breaths to allow the steam to open your pores, before gently using the cloth to wipe the balm from your face. The soft weave of the cloth gently exfoliates your skin while removing any excess balm, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. Rinse the cloth and repeat until you have removed all of the balm.

To keep your face cloths in good condition, wash them separately in warm water using a gentle washing liquid.

Creation Story

We know that the most effective and eco-friendly way to remove cleansing balms is with a clean face cloth, which is why it was important for us to offer them alongside our balms. We have long admired Babu and its founder, Ali, so they were the perfect choice to help us create these signature cloths.

We hope you find comfort in knowing these face cloths are sustainably and ethically produced, and we hope the naturally dyed IAMMI colourways add some joy to your day!

Special Note

Is it really necessary to use a new facecloth every day? It is recommended to do so because dead skin cells, bacteria, make-up and sweat can accumulate on towels quickly, which can be problematic, especially for people who have congestion issues. However, you can rinse them thoroughly and dry them between uses to extend the interval to 2-3 days.