Simple Habits. Profound Results.

The IAMMI app is a free tool that flips your daily skincare routine into a five-minute wellbeing practice.

My Story

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) tells us that to truly change how we are feeling, we have to first acknowledge our exisiting emotions. My Story allows you to identify how you’re currently feeling, set intentions for how you want to feel, and determine what areas of life you want to feel more in control of. 

My Daily Practice

My Daily Practice first asks you to choose from a selection of Life Bites, which are curated based on how you've answered My Story. Life Bites are 2-4 minute pieces of audio designed to be listened to during your skincare routine (more below). 

The IAMMI Intention

Each Life Bite starts with the IAMMI Intention, which is a series of affirmations. Again drawing on CBT, the Intention acts as a daily reminder that we get to choose where we put our energy. It is also designed to be a grounding moment of peace.

The IAMMI Intention is inspired by Dr. Lucy Hone’s theory of resilience (if you haven't watched her TED Talk on resilience, leave our site immediately and go spend the next 15 minutes soaking it up), as well as the daily practice our founder Mimi began after the traumatic birth of her daughter, Olympia (for more on that, click here).

Life Bites

Your chosen Life Bite will play at the end of the IAMMI Intention. Every Life Bite is a piece of wisdom from either an expert in their field or someone who has life lessons to share.

Life Bites relate to any and all areas of life - collectively, they're a melting pot of personal, practical, hilarious, emotional advice and wise words. They're divided into six areas: Health & Body; Emotions & Self-Knowledge; Love & Relationships; Career & Professional Development; Money & Financial Freedom; and Community & Contribution. 

Life Bites end with a quote, which you can save and share, and a summary, which you can save to your library to reflect on later. 

My Skin

After listening to your Life Bite, you’re encouraged to check in to identify your skin health and goals. You’re served tailored Skinsights (expert-penned recommendations and insights) based on this info. My Skin also lets you snap, note and compare pictures to track your skin’s progress.

One More Thing...

We want you to shape what the future of IAMMI holds. We are slowly and carefully building up a library of information and functions on our app, but we would love you to share any and all feedback about what you do and do not want to see: leave us a note here.