Feel Confident and Capable in 5 Minutes a Day

The global workforce - especially women - are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and burnout.

The science behind habit stacking tells us that we can rewire our brain through repeated daily actions, so we’ve created a daily preventative practice that uses time you already have and routines you already do to fight these feelings of overwhelm. 

We're Better Together

Our vision is for IAMMI to be a collective. A community. A space where you, along with our team of experts, shape the future of what we can be. We exist to empower you to feel more confident and capable so we only ever want to create things that support you on that journey.

Let's human better, together. We want to know the products, advice and wisdom you’re looking for - across all areas of life. So tell us, what do you want next?

The Starship Foundation

Our business model is designed to support charities, initiatives and organisations that align with our values.

The first charity we want to highlight is The Starship Foundation, supporting Starship Children’s Hospital, which provides families like Olympia’s with the vital help they need. We give $1 from every Olympia Glow sold to this incredible organisation, which works tirelessly to ensure healthcare equity for all New Zealand children.

We want to you to tell us what other charities and organisations you'd like to see us support as we grow. Drop us an email or send us a message with any suggestions.